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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fortune Cookie Soap Winter 2015 Soap Box Review - Welcome, Santa!

Holy suds! It's Fortune Cookie Soap time again! My box came yesterday and I couldn't wait to share it with you all! The theme for this quarter's box is Welcome, Santa! inspired by the Will Ferrell movie Elf!

This is a quarterly subscription box filled with sample sizes of eight bath and body products in the season's major collection's scents. It's a great way to get to try out the new fragrances before they become available for purchase in all the different products.
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Are you a fan of the movie Elf? I admit I haven't seen it in a few years but it's a goofy classic that I know is loved by many! I remember that Zooey Deschanel is in it and she's blonde, haha so weird. Shall we get to smelling some goodies now??

I always start with their signature product, the soap shaped like a fortune cookie! This one is in the scent Buddy, "notes of holiday fruits, candy, crushed vanilla, and a hint of mint". It's decorated to look like Buddy's elf uniform from the movie, green with a little pom pom! This scent reminds me a lot of the Famous scent from the previous soap box, but it's more candy-like. My fortune says, "Not now, Arctic Puffin!".
**EDIT: I have heard from a few people that this is a dupe of Lush's Snow Fairy scent!

Next is a new product I haven't seen from FCS before, shave oil in the scent Shower Duet, "spruce and vanilla, fir and fruits, hyacinth and mint". The shower scene is my favorite part of the movie Elf, btw. Don't worry, no's clean ! ;) This scent is fresh and green, the hyacinth is most prevalent to my nose. I am excited to try this product, I already enjoy shaving with oil!

The perfume oil is scented with FCS Cheer, "rich buttery vanilla pound cake, over dark frankincense, patchouli, and cedar". This might be my favorite in the box, so cozy and very sweet but with a touch of earthiness.

The hand sanitizer scent is Swirly Twirly Gum Drops, "cotton candy, lemon drops, and fresh pear nectar, dancing with tart cranberries and black currants". This is a candy shop in a bottle! I can't pick up the individual scents except maybe the cranberry, but I like it and I'm sure it will be a fan favorite.

My favorite FCS product is their whipped cream lotion, it's so awesome! They chose the scent World's Best Cup of Coffee for it in this box, "vermont maple syrup with just the right amount of fresh brewed coffee". I thought the coffee was the heaviest note on first sniff, but when I put it on, the maple really came to life.

A product that fans have been asking to make a comeback is their dry shampoo, this version is in the scent Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins, "lilies, freesia, jasmine, and bayberry, muddled with fresh blackberries and plums, garnished with a sprig of peppermint". I don't usually like berry scents, but this one is pretty unique and so, so good. I think the plum note is really robust and I like it.

Another new type of product from FCS is the face plant in Christmas Gram, "warm steamy air, fresh with lavender and sea salt spray, mingle with the woody earthiness of sage and dark vanilla". This is designed for steaming your face, by putting in a bowl of very hot water and draping a towel around your head and the bowl to refresh and tone your skin. I REALLY love this scent, it's so spa-like!

And the last thing in the box, besides the added candy cane treat, is the bath bomb in Yellow Snow, "ripe plums, whipped caramel, vanilla jasmine, and exotic woods, with just a squeeze of zesty mandarin oranges". That description totally encompasses the scent, I can't do any better. Yummy and bright! I love how this looks like a baby scoop of ice cream!

This box is still available to purchase on their website as of this post's publication, but they sell out quickly so go sign up if you want it! For US customers it costs $19.99, billed every 3-months; Canadian and international subscriptions are a little more due to shipping fees. A nice addition is with the purchase of each quarterly box, you will get a $10 off coupon code emailed to you for use on their site at a later time, which is really awesome. These boxes will start shipping on Nov. 2nd.

This will not work with the purchase of the soap box, but if you are ordering from their site for the first time, you can get $5 off a minimum order of $30 using my referral link: If you decide to use the code the link will give you, it helps me out a little by giving me points.

The launch party for the full collection release of Welcome, Santa! will be on Friday, November 13th at 6pm CST, starting on their Facebook page. They do a live webcast showing the products that will be available in all the different scents before they put the collection up for purchase on their website. They also do giveaways! It's crazy fun. Tell me what you think about this theme! What scent seems like it will be your favorite?

See ya next time!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review. Some of the links above are referrals.
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