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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Rescue Beauty Lounge Fan Collection 3.0 Swatches & Review

Hi my darling friends! I'm so happy to share with you the newest Rescue Beauty Lounge collection today! This is the Fan 3.0 collection, the ideas for these seven shades were created by fans! True ReBeLs who won the chance to make their dream color with creator Ji Baek. This is the third collection of it's kind and I'm always so excited to see what the fans come up with!

GalaxSea was dreamed up to look like an amalgamation of the sea and outer space, longed for by fan Danielle. It's a darker lavender with blue glass flecks and crazy shimmer. This reminds me of the original Scrangie polish by RBL, but lighter and with shimmer "on steroids". It was on the thicker side, but went on without problems. I used two coats here.
Rescue Beauty Lounge GalaxSea

Electro Glacier is an icy pale blue with iridescent sparkles that was dreamed up by fan Ashley. It's quite a lovely color and makes me think of a unicorn! I found this to be a little thick and gritty, and I had trouble with it not really self-leveling. I used three coats here.
Rescue Beauty Lounge Electro Glacier

Sanguine started out in fan Lygie's mind as a jelly with suspended shimmer, but morphed into a smooth metallic in a robust cranberry. This had a fabulous formula, opaque in one coat but I did two to smooth it out a little more. This is a perfect shade for the coming winter!
Rescue Beauty Lounge Sanguine

Ethereal is a seashell-like shiny opalescent white with flashes of pink and gold imagined by fan Nancy. This is gorgeous and such a "me" shade, so great job Nancy haha! Pretty good formula for a metallic-y shade, but just a tad streaky although that's kind of a given with such a light shade. I used three coats for full opacity.
Rescue Beauty Lounge Ethereal

Vixen by Sassy Shelly is a shade fan Shelly felt had been missing from the RBL lineup, a rich and decadent magenta with insane shimmer and glass fleck. I am not going to say this color is necessarily unique, but this polish is really beautiful. Thin and very easy to control formula. I used two coats for her.
Rescue Beauty Lounge Vixen by Sassy Shelly

Golden Horn is fan Sara's brainchild, a similar type to RBL Naked Without Polish, but this one has an off-white base with soft shimmer and gold flakes. It was a little streaky at first, but evened itself out well on the second coat. I can't stop thinking about corn flakes in milk when I see this shade, but of course they are beautiful sparkly corn flakes! :)
Rescue Beauty Lounge Golden Horn

Many Splendors is a color envisioned by fan Angela, who wanted a volcanic lava-like shade. This is a black, gold and orange microglitter polish in a murky black/brown base with texture properties. I was thinking it was just regular microglitter until it dried, very quickly, and it turned into a craggy, sandy vision! I only needed two coats, though the second was a little more difficult to put on because it dried so quickly. This is really something.
Rescue Beauty Lounge Many Splendors

I applied top coat to see how it would look without it's natural finish. I needed two coats to cover the texture completely because it's very "thirsty". I really like it both ways!
Rescue Beauty Lounge Many Splendors

The polishes will retail for $20 each on the Rescue Beauty Lounge website; pre-order will start on October 13th and will last for 48 hours. If you haven't yet, sign up for email alerts on their website in order to get the link to the pre-order. The polishes will be available for regular purchase at a later date.

The creator Ji's blog post about the collection with all the inspiration photos is here: Rescue Beauty Blog. Be sure to check out all the RBL bloggers' swatches too:

Tell me what you think of these pretties! If I have to pick a favorite, it's definitely Ethereal :)

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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