Monday, April 12, 2010

hard candy lava

this polish is one of the awesome reds that i adore. i don't usually get into reds all that much, they make me feel kinda silly and flashy--which doesn't make a whole lot of sense considering i'll wear a bright orange or glitzy bright blue without batting an eye. but oh well, ho hum, that's just me. hard candy polishes, the new ones anyway, are actually not my favorite. i find they stink something awful and the formula is usually hard to work with. but this baby, lava be her name, is a shining star amongst the pack.

three coats and you get warm red shining with glitzy gold glitter. it has the ember-like glow that i adore and the glitter looks almost melted into the color, hence the name lava. the formula on this polish was really good too, looking a bit sheer on the first coat but fully opaque in three. la la love it!
made it matte using china glaze's matte magic (the cutest little bottle!) and gave it an even more intense "glow". gawd i love making polishes matte! how did i live w/o matte topcoats??
and a big ol' macro shot
hope everyone's weekend was fun! i went to an awesome pro soccer game and saw "how to train your dragon". that movie was so good, definitely recommend it. now i should probably go to bed, back to the weekday grind in the morning :P


  1. Wow, that looks so gorgeous matte

  2. wow!! sp sparkly.. i heart red!! i'm always lemming for a hard candy polishes.. but so sad, i dont find any hard candy polishes here in Abu dhabi =(

  3. Oh my, oh looks HOT with top coat!

  4. WOW, that's so stunning! Gorgeous, can't take my eyes of it, it looks great both ways:)

  5. oooh! that's gorgeous, kellie. It would be cool under black krackpolish, lol. I will have to pick this up this week. and me and my DD went to see how to train your dragon in 3d this weekend also, it was amazing!!

  6. That really looks like molten lava. Love the look of it. Matted is even more amazing.


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