Sunday, April 25, 2010

zoya dea

this zoya polish is one that i got in a big random act of kindness present from a special reader. you can check out the post here. it is a yummy light chocolate color, creamy dreamy! dea is a great color and even though i wasn't in love with it at first glance, i'm totally diggen it now! this is three coats.

i'm getting down to the nitty-gritty last week of the semester. *phew* then i get a week off (i'm getting my lasik eye surgery then!!) and then first block of summer classes start. bleeech. haha it'll be the first time i've ever taken summer classes. they're shorter so they're way more intense. hope i can hack it! if it works out, i should be all finished with my bachelor's degree in december. then what?? haha i guess i'll be a "real grownup". phooey, i wanna be a kid still!
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