Tuesday, April 6, 2010

nubar purple beach

i just wanted to preface this post with a HUGE thanks and a major hug to everyone for all the well wishes on my last post and all the emails and good karma :) i am feeling much better and the troubles are beginning to be a distant memory. i'm a huge believer in positive energy and my religion is love. so thank you for all the flow you helped me restore in my life my wonderful friends!

this nubar polish is called purple beach and it reminds me of the ocean sky, right before the sun dips below the horizon, on a slightly cloudy day at the beach. this is such a crazy duochrome, metallic lavender-purple, brownish flash and mossy green. craaazy. flash shows straight purple, lamp light and natural light shows all the colors. it's a fun addition to any collector's drawer, although i could do without it as i wasn't totally in love with it(i borrowed it from a friend). i imagine it would look the best on uber long nails, to show off that fab duochrome effect.

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