Sunday, April 18, 2010

ulta black diamond

this is a professional ulta polish called black diamond. it was given to me as a present from my sister clarrisa. (oh yeah, go check out her blog please :D) at first i was like, oh hmm another black polish, but then you see all the lovely gold and sort of green and orange sparkles in the polish! it's very subtle on the nail but i really really like it. great formula and really good wear. this is 3 coats.
lamp light
how was everyone's weekend? it's finals time for me, so i've been wicked busy, :P oh well what can ya do? hope you have a great monday kids :)


  1. I really like that. I love gold sparkles and shimmer in any polish. It's not typical to find a black polish with gold in it, usually you see it with silver. Very nice! Good luck with finals. I have them next week.

  2. Very pretty polish - now to go scope your sisters blog (:

  3. I love this black!! Very pretty :D
    Good luck with the finals

  4. Wow I love this. Going to have to add this to my wishlist.

  5. Oooh, pretty! It *kind* of reminds me of those Milani LE Halloween polishes from last year. Maybe? :)

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