Tuesday, April 27, 2010

orly bloom collection

i got a few orly polishes from their 2010 spring bloom collection a while ago to review and i'm just now finally able to post good pictures of them! sorry for the delay and i'm sure you've all seen these guys before, but well you're going to see them again!

wild wisteria is a deep, smooth, and intense dark blue-purple.  i've heard it compared to opi's sapphire in the snow and zoya's pinta, but i have heard that people pick this guy over the others because of it's great formula. this was almost completely opaque in one coat! i really liked how it looked against my skin.

the next color i received from orly was thorned rose. talk about pretty! seriously, i must be warming up to wearing reds or something, because i loved wearing this color! i wore this on my right hand the same day i wore wild wisteria.  i got a lot of compliments on it too!  this is two coats of uber creamy dreamy-ness. i would characterized this in the "berry" colors, like a dark raspberry.

 and the last color i received from this collection was ginger lily. i was pretty sure that i was not going to like this one, but hey of course i'll try anything once! and i'm glad i did, because i ended up really liking it! ginger is pretty much the color of candied ginger, orangey rusty colored with a bit of shimmer.  it looked awesome in the sun too!  this is 3 coats.
sun (actually slightly overcast)
overall i think this collection was really pretty and a nice addition to the spring collections, with all the pastel and "predictable" colors. (although orly did put out a pastel collection for spring as well) it is nice to mix it up once in a while!  great formula on all of them too. ya know, i think i forget that about orly. i need to wear more of their polishes, they're really good and don't get a lot of love!  i wish i would've gotten blushing bud from this collection too, it's a pretty bright berry pink creme.  did you guys pick out any polishes from this collection? what was your favorite?


  1. I only have Wild Wisteria and I love the formula too.
    I wouldn't mind to get the other two you presented, though :)

  2. I have been wanting Wild Wisteria but haven't purchased it yet. I do have Zoya Pinta and I really enjoy that color. :)

  3. Wow! I'll have to give this collection a second chance. From the promo pics it didn't look very interesting. Yet these are gorgeous colors on the nail. Thanks for the review.

  4. I really like all three of these. I skipped Wild Wisteria because I own both Sapphire in the Snow and Pinta. I just love dark blurples like that though...

  5. I like those shades...I need to find them.

  6. I love the ginger lily. It's not the first color i'd pick up, but it looks so good on!
    oh, btw..You always do such a perfect job painting your nails!!!!! :)

  7. thanks for all the sweet comments ladies!!

  8. Oh my! I am tripping out on these colors!!! Thank you for the beautiful comment and I want those polishes!!! Raspberry... how refreshing and divine!


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