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Monday, April 12, 2010

lincoln park after dark suede

i was chomping at the bit to get the suede polishes that opi came out with back in winter of '09. i was over the moon for them! literally head over heels. uhh...what's another cliche i can throw in there...haha. seriously though, i needed them baaaad. i have them all now except suzi skis in the pyrenees. and i la la love them! you're probably getting sick of me saying that, but i don't like posting pictures of polishes that i don't like haha. makes sense huh? although it can be helpful so i do it on occasion.

anywhooo, this lovely gem is lincoln park after dark suede by opi. again i don't understand why they just renamed their suede collection polishes after their core line polishes. but whatev, what's in a name? LPADS is a gorgeous deep purple matte with that "trademarked" suede look. the new mac studded polish has the same look, and a few of the china glaze glass fleck polishes take on the effect if you mattify them IMHO. i love the suede collection as far as mattes go because they are super easy to apply, easier than most mattes because they don't dry immediately. but you do have to be more careful than with regular polish as brush strokes can and will happen if you aren't. this is two coats :)
lamp light
with a coat of shiny seche vite
shiny, under lamp light
 have a great monday! i have a sore throat *rasp, choke* i need a lozenge, yuck!
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