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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Liquid Palisade

Hi folks! Glad to be back fully in mind, body, and spirit after this hell-acious final semester of my college career. It's been an absolute rat race! Basically I've been running ragged for the last four months. And now it's over! So glad :)

I wanted to share with you today a product that has been getting a lot of buzz lately, a brand new item called Liquid Palisade. It's made by a company called Kiesque based in Chicago. It is toted as a product that makes lots of types of nail art, including frenchies and half-moons, and even a flawless manicure, into an easy task.
Basically, it's a liquid barrier that you paint on your nails/cuticles wherever you don't want nail polish to go. It comes out of the tube light lavender and then dries in a few seconds to a darker purple. You simply paint your nail and then wait a few seconds and then peel the LP strip off. You should be left with a clean edge and no paint where you had the LP.
I personally had a little bit of trouble with this product at first, it has a learning curve that is for sure. However, when I got the hang of it, it took almost no effort. I really like this idea, I positively squealed when I first heard of the concept. I don't think I'll be using this in my everyday manicures, it adds a step that I don't especially need, but when I want to add a french tip or half moon, you bet I'll be reaching for this stuff! This would be a great product for those of you out there who feel like your wobbly hands never give you a perfect manicure.
Some people have likened it to the stickers that you can buy at the drugstore, in the curve shape. The basic idea is very similar, but I think this is easier and more versatile. You can purchase Liquid Palisade for $22 at Kiesque's website.

Please visit my friend Asami's blog, Nails by Asami, where she gives a great video tutorial on how to use LP step by step.


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