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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Orly Bailamos and La Playa

I didn't purchase the Orly Viva! collection polishes when they first came out, for some reason. I saw them in a discount bin a while ago though and decided, eh why not. And I'm so glad I did because I really like them! I bought the two blues, though there is an orange and pink color in the collection too.

La Playa is a gorgeous navy blue creme that applies like a dream. This is probably my favorite blue creme, in that shade range anyway ;) This is two coats.
Bailamos is a beautiful turquoise polish that has awesome light teal shimmer.  This one is a tad sheer so it took three coats to build it to opacity.  Don't mind, though, it's gorgeous!
Yikes, I need to get started on my Christmas shopping :/  I loathe shopping.  Well actually, I don't care for crowds and inclement weather while shopping.  Plus having no money doesn't help during this time of year haha.  I plan on having a big blog sale after I get done with school this semester though, so stay tuned for that :)

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