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Monday, December 6, 2010

Broadway Fashion Diva Chrome Nails

Have you heard of Minx? The hip nail design sensation that has been flashed all over the media, from celebrities to us regular folk. Basically it's a flexible film that adheres to the nail by way of heat, applied by a nail technician in a salon. Their designs are practically limitless and many other companies have taken note of this idea and put a spin on the product so the average woman can get her tips to look as perfect as a professionally applied set of Minx.

Their most popular "design" would probably be their mirror-like gold nails, as seen on singers Beyoncé and Katy Perry. I would RAWK those gold suckers, as you know I la la love my gold! However a sister design, this time in silver is also making it's way around the runways.

*Sigh* what's a girl to do if she doesn't have access to a salon that applies Minx Nails? Or more likely, what if a trendsetting diva just doesn't want to fork over the money that a set would put her back? Well you can imagine my surprised and astonishment when I found out Broadway Nails sells a super awesome set of false nails that have the mirror-like silver/chrome look, for loads less moola!
This pack of Fashion Diva nails comes with 24 nails, both in plain chrome and zebra print chrome. And there are 12 sizes, so you can best fit the tips to your nails. The box is about $5.99, and you definitely know I'm going to get their worth--my nails are unhappy nubbins right now, so I will totally be rocking these for a while until they grow out some. These are "medium" length, but seem a bit long for me. No worries, though, as you can always clip or file them w/o damage. They're supposed to last for 7 days, I hope it's true, because chiiiillllddd these are some fierce talons!
KellieGonzo: Broadway Fashon Diva Chrome Nails
I am impressed with these so far, because they are very comfortable, unlike some other false nails I've tried.  They're very light and easy to apply and I did not have any trouble fitting them to my nail beds.
KellieGonzo: Broadway Fashon Diva Chrome Nails
Would you ever wear these or something similar? I would love them even more if they came in gold! There are lots of different designs from Broadway right now, available in your local CVS, Kmart, Walgreens, Walmart, Rite Aid, and online at


These were provided for an honest review.
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