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Monday, December 13, 2010

$OPI Havana Nights cont'd

*hangs head in shame* I'm a bad, bad blogger. I have been so haphazard in posting my swatches from this collection. The back log of swatches I need to post is really getting ridiculous. These three polishes are from the Sephora by OPI Havana Nights collection. I've previously shown you Havana Dreams and Mambo Madness. I still need to get my swatches of Read My Palm up, though I think they're on a flash drive somewhere...Anyway :) here we go!

Teal We Meet Again is a really unbelievable color. I was really excited for it when I first saw promo images for the collection but was seriously blown away by it in person. A very blue teal, with dark sea green underpinnings. Super shimmery and it plays with your eyes, I just want to swim in the depths of this color! This is two coats.
Can I just tell you how much I love how my nails look in these photos (length and shape) and at the same time cannot figure out what is going on with my hand placement?! I guess long nails make me a dummy dumb who can't hold a polish bottle without looking "special".

Caliente Coral is another one I really love from this collection (I actually think I adore all the shades in Havana Nights, except Caribbean Cocktail which I didn't get.) It's more orange per say, than coral. Very easily applied and really POPS against my skin tone. Two coats!
Rumba Romance was the one I wasn't sure I was going to love when I bought the mini set, but turns out I really enjoy it. It's a gold brass, almost foil polish, more on the microglitter side. This color would probably have a hard time finding a good home, however, unless you have a darker skin tone. I think it looks nice on me, but if I were one shade paler, it might look pretty horrendous. This is three coats.
I have some trouble photographing my nails in anything other than sunlight with my new camera, and I think I have built up my old camera on a sort of pedestal, thinking it was the best camera ever and nothing will ever come close to it.  Well, apparently it wasn't that great, because (soooo sorry!) these photos kinda blow.  I'm thinking I might purge most of my backlog and just go on a swatch-fest and redo them all.  Cuz...damn these are crap :P

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