Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nicole by OPI Wel-Kim to My World Collection

Helloooo :) Today I have the latest Kardashian Kolors collection from Nicole by OPI, Well-Kim to My World. These are inspired by Kim Kardashian in particular, showcasing her "flirty, feminine side". I don't think that anyone loathes the bottle shape of Nicole polishes more than I, they are ridiculously hard to position my hand around to take decent photos. *grumble, grumble*

First is Others Pale by Kim-Parison, a soft white cream. It's not super stark white so it's very wearable. This is three coats, and as you can see, it still looks patchy in some spots.

Next is Kim Konfidential, a honey beige cream. I have professed my love for nudes and this one is more on the camel side than the ones I usually get, but I do really like it. This is three coats.

Up and Kim-ing Pink is a baby pink cream. I have heard it's a dupe for OPI's Pink Friday that came out in the Nicki Minaj collection. I also did three coats for this one, it's opaque in two but one more is needed to level it out.

Here is Nothing Kim-pares to Blue, a pale periwinkle blue with shimmery glass fleck glitter. I thought I would like it more than I actually did, I think the color doesn't look particularly fab on me. This is three coats.

Here Kim's the Sun is an opalescent glitter polish, the base looks slightly gold but it comes out clear when applied. I was kind of meh on this when I first saw it, but it is a nice fun top coat. My mom adores it and practically snatched it out of my hands when I showed her. This is three coats.
Here is the glitter layered over the blue. I like this combo better than the blue by itself. Two coats.

Next is Lights, Kim-era, Action!, a shimmery metallic opal shade that flashes green. I thought it was going to be hideous, and by itself, it kind of is, but layered on top of the other colors from this collection, it really pops! This is one coat over the others. The shimmer freaked out my camera, to the point of giving me a "tan" that Snooki would be envious of.

These look way better when applied on the nail than they do in the bottle, classic and elegant. I think I've voiced my opinion before on how I feel when people use the letter "K" in place of a "C" in words. However, the Kardashian's have got something going for them that works so I suppose they shouldn't change. It still makes me gag though. You can pick these up at CVS and Ulta for about $7.99.

Products provided for review.


  1. These really do look elegant. I like the Lights, Kim-era, Action! over them :)

  2. The soft white cream is my fav... I hate the bottles and brushes ofthese polishes...

  3. whoa the blue is so gorgeous!

  4. I love the top coat, it can be worn over practically every polish, great idea!
    From the colors, I only like the blue one.
    But I believe this is finally something original from Nicole for OPI!

  5. I really like the blue! So pretty! :)

  6. I'm in love with this blue...
    it's reminds me the Milani beach front...amazing!
    and your pictures are so good!

  7. Lol! I completely agree with you on the K's!
    My favourite out of these is Nothing Kim-pares to Blue. I have a $1 off a NOPI coupon so I think I'll pick it up :)

  8. Not really my thing but you certainly make them look lovely:)

  9. You have such beautiful manicures! I just picked up Others Pale by Kim-parison and put up photos yesterday on my blog. I love it!

  10. Great swatches! And, I hate the bottle probable just as much if not more than you. lol. I went a long time without buying any of the polishes solely because of the bottle shape, but broke down recently and got a few.

  11. Love them all, so perfect summer colors! :)

  12. oooh I love that blue... And I DO think it looks good on you!!


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