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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

You Mix Cosmetics - Magnetic Nail Polishes

I was able to review some magnetic polishes from a burgeoning online store called You Mix Cosmetics this past month. They mostly sell glitters/flakes for use in creating custom nail polishes but they also have a lovely assortment of magnetic polishes. The two polishes I received were both really beautiful and the magnet sent with them was very strong, which is important.

Here is Taupe Entrancement, more of a charcoal or gunmetal than a taupe really. Very sparkly and shiny. The magnet (which I forgot to get a picture of and now cannot find, oops!) that I got had a stripe design, so I rotated it for the different nails to get different patterns. It was a flat piece on a plastic handle, which was ok to use but I would've preferred a lip or edge to rest on my finger so I didn't have to worry about it touching the polish.

This is called Cobalt's Fault, a shimmery vibrant blue. I chose to do horizontal stripes on three nails and a vertical design on the ring finger for a "pop". I really like this color and it and the previous color are both I would wear on it's own, magnet or no magnetic.

Check out You Mix Cosmetics, they have a crazy amount of awesome glitters available. I don't see on their website where you can buy these polishes individually but they sell a "grab bag" of 6 polishes for $19.95 or 12 for $34.95.

Products provided for review.
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