Sunday, April 15, 2012

China Glaze - Magnetix

Hey friends :) Hope your weekend is going along nicely. I have been pretty lazy haha. I wanted to show you two of the China Glaze magnetic nail polishes I picked up from the Magnetix collection.

First is Instant Chemistry, a dark purple. The China Glaze magnet is flat and horseshoe shaped and has three designs, stripes, a star burst, and a chevron. This is the weakest magnet I've used so far for magnetic polishes. It works but it takes more time and a precise hand. You'll see I tried all the designs on this color and only some of them are really recognizable. This is a very opaque color and you could get away with one coat.

Here is Attraction, a dark pewter charcoal. This color seems to be a staple in magnetic collections. I used just the star design for this one, as it was the main "attraction" for me to buy these (he, he, he). I like how it turned out, but next time I'll have to center it better.

I've heard that CG is making a second set of magnetic colors coming out soon. I wonder if they'll have more designs and/or a stronger magnet for those. Nails Inc. just came out with a "fishnet" design magnet for a gold magnetic polish that looks really awesome. I got these at Sally Beauty for $9 each, and I got the magnet free with the purchase of two polishes.

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