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Friday, April 27, 2012

OPI The Amazing Spider-man Collection

Yay! New OPI collection, woot woot! This one is inspired by the new movie The Amazing Spider-man, which comes out this summer. The collection has six shades and a new color of "shatter" special effect topcoat.

 First up is My Boyfriend Scales Walls, a color OPI describes as "cityscape white". I guess that means dingy and slightly grey? Wa, wa, wa ;) I actually like this color, it's not a stark white and it's got a pretty decent formula for such a light cream. This is three coats.

The shatter topcoat is called Shatter the Scales, it's a dark slightly blueish forest green with silver shimmer. It dries matte but I put a shiny topcoat on to beef up the hawtness.

This is Just Spotted the Lizard is described as a "reptilian yellow-green". I see it as a Chanel Peridot dupe haha. It's metallic gold with green duochrome and a blue tinge on the edges. This is two coats.

This hot and spicy orange is Call Me Gwen-Ever. It's a muted less bright orange than we've been seeing trending lately. It has coral undertones, which is delightfully different. This is two coats.

Into the Night is a shimmery metallic midnight blue. It's not really a cobalt and not really a navy, it's like a combination of those two. I didn't love this one, it's pretty but nothing too exciting. The brushstrokes were present, but not really a problem. Two coats.

This is Number One Nemesis, another Chanel dupe (Graphite this time). Foily with glitter, green tinged nickel pewter. I like it as much as I do the other dupe I showed you the other day, Smoky Feather. This is two coats.

And the token pink, Your Web or Mine. This one I didn't expect to like, but I ended up enjoying a lot. It's a frosty rose pink. Brush strokes are gonna happen when you have a frost, it's just their nature. However, these are manageable. I feel a little "grandma" wearing this but like I said, I do like it. This is two coats.

I think this collection is a win, save the blue that just doesn't work for me. I am not really into comic books, or Spider-man in particular, (am I the only one who didn't know the name was hyphenated?) but that never stopped me from partaking in some awesome colors. You should be able to pick these up in stores around May for $8.50 each. What do you think of these pretties? Are you planning on seeing The Amazing Spider-man?

Products provided for review.
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