Tuesday, July 26, 2011

OPI - Movin' Out over Diva of Geneva

Hi everyone :) Hope your Tuesday is going well. Today I would like to show you a layering combo of OPI polishes that is ridiculously beautiful. Movin' Out is a discontinued lacquer from the Holiday on Broadway collection which came out in 2003. It is very sheer, it is a pink fuchsia color with a multichrome flash that turns green, gold, and purpley. There are also tiny microglitter pieces that glow like pink embers. I imagine that this is as close to Clarins 230 that I'll ever get, I've heard this has the same shimmer as it and it was much cheaper. I got my bottle from Victoria's Nail Supply for less than $10, and there are plenty on Ebay I'm sure.This is two coats of Diva of Geneva, from the Swiss collection of 2010, a red based purple shimmer. It has to be in my top 10 OPI polishes ever, it's so beautiful. Adding Movin' Out was basically putting a cherry on top of a sundae, because it just upped the hawtness by 100%. I couldn't keep my eyes off this while I was wearing it, it color shifted beautifully.

What are some of your favorite layering combos? I

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