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Thursday, June 11, 2015

My Picks from the Essie Summer 2015 Peach Side Babe Collection Swatches & Review

What's up yo? Today I have my two polish picks from the Essie Peach Side Babe collection for Summer 2015. There were six polishes available: a peach I didn't get because I have a zillion similar shades, a shimmery white I didn't care for swatches I'd seen of, a red that I didn't need, a pale greenish yellow which I've heard has formula issues (but I think I'm gonna go back and get), and two blues. I bought the blues because I had heard the formulas on them were on point, and believe me, they are!

This is Pret-a-surfer, which means "ready to surf" in French. Oh. My. Wow. I love blues and this is such a creamy, dreamy kind of different shade of deep periwinkle than I already have in my collection that I had to have it. It's slightly dusty and just a hair purple tinted, it's definitely a French blue. This is close to Suite Retreat from the Spring collection, which I didn't get because it wasn't quite exactly the shade of blue I wanted it to be, and this totally is! It's a one coat wonder, excellent, perfect, amazing formula. You need it!
Essie Pret-a-Surfer

And this is Salt Water Happy, which is the cutest name. It's a pale beachy blue crème. I was also blown away by the formula on this guy, two easy dreamy coats. Pastels are usually always three coaters for me so I was really really pleased with the opacity and self-leveling abilities of this. I was so excited by this when I swatched it that I ran around shoving my fingers in my family's faces saying "Look how good this is!! It's amazing!", but of course no one understood. But you do, right?
Essie Salt Water Happy

This collection should be out now in stores. I usually pick up Essie's at my local CVS, which is where I got these. What do you think of these two blue babes? The other one from this collection I'm probably going to pick up is Chillato. I can deal with the formula issues because it's one of those colors I keep thinking about and regretting not buying haha. You'll probably see it on my blog soon ;)

Thanks for coming by today and don't forget to enter my giveaway, it ends on the 14th!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were purchased by me.
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