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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Pretty Serious Cosmetics Stop Collaborate and Listen Collection Part 2 Swatches & Review

Hey there friends! Today I have a few new shades from Pretty Serious Cosmetics to add to their Stop Collaborate and Listen collection! This is a series made up of collaboration polishes the brand creates with nail polish bloggers, you can see the first installment here. I am always eager to see polish shades from the minds of bloggers, after all we know what's what in the polish world!

First is Kashmir, a shade created with Christine from Serenity Nails. That link goes to her blog post where she talks about her inspiration for the shade if you're interested. Christine's nails are amazing btw, you need to check her out! The polish is a red toned purple, leaning burgundy in some lights, with gold and copper flakes, color shifting shimmer in blue and purple and red opal flakes. This is a complex shade and I am in love with it! It was a little dense, but not thick. Perfectly opaque in two easy coats.
Pretty Serious Kashmir

Iktsuarpok is "an Icelandic word that describes the feeling of anticipation of a visitor arriving imminently, thus leading you to keep looking outside to see if they’re there yet". It is the perfect name for this polish designed by Hannah of Polly Polish, though I can't pronounce it haha. Her blog is great, definitely swing by :) This polish is a medium grey, almost blue, jelly crème with silver glass fleck flakes. This has an incredible formula, thin but not runny and very opaque. This is two coats. It reminds me of a darker version of Illamasqua Raindrops. I love it!
Pretty Serious Iktsuarpok

And last is Herald of the Skeleton War designed by the inimitable Scrangie. If you don't know who she is, I don't even know what to say because she's the epitome of nail bloggers. I miss her posts like crazy, but you can still catch some swatches from her on Instagram. This is a blackened green jelly with iridescent blue flakes, golden green and purple microglitter and multi-sized purple hex glitter. This polish is kinda tricky and I got a little frustrated with it the first time I applied it. It wouldn't spread very easily on my nail the way I wanted it to, like I couldn't get a good line around my cuticle. And the second coat got sorta lumpy and dense. There is SO much glitter in it and the jelly base is really pigmented so it can get a little sludgy if you overwork it.

I talked to the brand maker and it's possible that I got a bum bottle with more glitter than normal and was offered a replacement, buuuut I decided to try it again before I completely wrote it off. I saw another blogger layer it over a dark green and I liked how that looked, so that's what I did here. This is one coat over OPI Christmas Gone Plaid and it's much better in my opinion, it looks like how I was hoping it would look like in the bottle. A thick top coat is a must because it dries kinda satin and not super smooth because of all the glitter. I love the uniqueness of this shade but just know it might take some extra care if you wear it by itself.
Pretty Serious Herald of the Skeleton War

That last photo was taken a week later than the others and my nails have grown a ton! They tend to grow like weeds in the summer, which is kinda annoying unless I get a break because I have to file them so much more haha. #nailbloggerproblems

These are available now for $9.95 each at They are based in Australia but they have a shipping location in the US so we do not have to pay international shipping, a major plus. What do you think of the newest installment of this collection? Props to all the collaborating bloggers, these are some dope shades!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway and I'll see you again soon!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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