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Friday, June 19, 2015

Zoya Summer 2015 Paradise Sun Collection Swatches & Review

Hey everyone, I'm back again with the second collection from Zoya for summer, called Paradise Sun. There are six shimmery shades that line up pretty well with their crème counterparts from the Island Fun collection, only instead of a green they gave us a white. On to the swatches!

First is Aphrodite, a bright summery red jelly with metallic shimmer and glass flecks. This is more sheer than the others in this collection because of the jelly base, but I was able to get it opaque in two coats. Easy application. I love glass flecks so this is a winner for me!
Zoya Aphrodite

Genesis is the white I mentioned earlier. It has metallic pearl shimmer throughout the crelly base; it's supposed to look like fine cut diamond dust. It is very pretty but unfortunately the formula was not good. It's streaky, hard to even out on the nail and it doesn't self level very well. I used three coats.
Zoya Genesis

I love the name of this polish, Isa, because it's my oldest sister's nickname and she loves purple! (I'm pronouncing it EE-sa) It's on the blurple side of purple, with a bit of a frost and metallic shimmer that flashes blue. This is two coats, great formula.
Zoya Isa

Mae is a warm, bright magenta with metallic silver shimmer flecks. This is definitely cute, very Barbie-like. This is on the thinner side, but was opaque in two coats.
Zoya Mae

Next is Oceane, a slightly frosty sea blue turquoise with metallic shimmer. This is heavy on the metallic, so it can kind of seize on to itself and look chunky if you don't allow it time to try in between coats. I used two here. I recommend a good base coat, maybe two coats of it, to prevent staining.
Zoya Oceane

And last is Selene, a greeny teal metallic with silver and blue shimmer. This is very close to Zoya Giovanna from their Fall 2013 collection, but with more of a shimmer frost finish than straight metallic. It has the same finish and formula as Oceane, so be sure to wait a while between coats and use a good base coat.
Zoya Selene

These are available for purchase at Zoya's website for $9 each. In general I think I prefer crèmes to metallics, but I do like a lot of these colors. The only dud for me was Genesis. It's kind of odd to see jewel tones for this season, but hey, I'm all for stepping outside of the color box! What do you think of these shades?

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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