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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Rescue Beauty Lounge Bloggers Collection 3.0 Swatches & Review

Today I'd like to show you the latest collection from Rescue Beauty Lounge, their third Bloggers collection! This time we have five shades created with the "newbie" bloggers that swatch & review for RBL. You may recall when I showed you the shade that I got to collaborate on a few years ago for the second bloggers collection, and the first collection with the original three bloggers from a few more years ago. These types of collections are always my favorites because they are colors from the brains of people who have experienced so many different types of polishes from lots of different brands and who know what they want down pat. Let's take a look!

MakeupWithdrawal is Mimi's color from the blog MakeupWithdrawal. She is gorgeous, has beautiful swatches and is an amazing photographer. Her pictures are seriously magazine worthy. This polish is a regal, decadent deep purple jelly with beautiful shimmer. I needed only two coats, but depending on your application you might need three due to the jelly finish.
Rescue Beauty Lounge MakeupWithdrawal

Manicurator comes from Victoria over at the Manicurator blog. She's definitely a kindred spirit that I've come to know and adore through blogging and I am glad to call her a friend. Her nails and photos are flawless! This color totally makes me think of her, it's a blue-green crelly with soft blue flakies. This makes me think of an island vacation! It was a bit streaky on the first coat; I used two coats here but this is another one where you might need three.
Rescue Beauty Lounge Manicurator

Yukie, from the blog Yukie Loves and the YouTube channel WarmVanillaSugar0823, created Morning Light for her color. She is so adorable, I love her videos and seeing her posts on Instagram. She knows a lot about makeup and nails, and is so fun to watch! This polish was inspired by a painting her late father did, so it's in his honor. It's a light pale powder blue with angelic gold shimmer. This was almost a one coater, way more opaque than I expected. Two coats.
Rescue Beauty Lounge Morning Light was created by Valesha, from Peachy Polish of course. This chick is totally my long lost sister, we get along so well! I wish we lived close to each other so we could hang out :) Her skills are undeniable, she's one of the best bloggers on the planet. This color is so elegant and mysterious, it's a burgundy berry metallic microshimmer. It's got that finish where the brushstrokes just melt away and you're left with a gorgeous satiny surface. Super easy to paint with, opaque in 1 coat but I used two out of habit.
Rescue Beauty Lounge

And last we have Lakeisha's color, Refined and Polished, from the blog of the same name. This gal is so friendly and wonderful, I am really glad to know her! She's about ready to have a baby too, yay! Her beautiful, long nail beds are swoon-worthy. This is a peachy coral crelly with gorgeous indigo blue glitter. It's very unique. This has a great application, you get a good amount of glitter out on each coat without even trying. Two coats, dries a bit satiny so use a top coat for maximum shine.
Rescue Beauty Lounge Refined and Polished

Make sure to check out the swatches from the other ladies, and read more about the inspirations from the collaborators on their blogs, as well as swatches from all the bloggers: Polish Police, Fashion Polish, Refined and Polished, Peachy Polish, Manicurator, Yukie Loves, and MakeupWithdrawal.

This collection will be available for pre-order starting 6/22 for 48 hours on Be sure to sign up for their newsletter to get the link to the pre-order. The polishes retail for $20 each. Let me know what you think of these colors! I think this is one of my favorite collections RBL has ever done, there is not a dud in the bunch!

❤ Kellie
The products mentioned were provided for an honest review.
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