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Monday, June 29, 2015

Nail Polish I Wore In Real Life Vol. 3

Hi everyone! Thanks for joining me today for another installment of my series on nail polishes I wore in real life, meaning ones I wore as a full manicure but haven't otherwise shown in posts like collection reviews recently. You can see the other posts in this series here.

I first purchased Zoya Adina way back when it came out in the Spring 2010 Reverie collection. I don't know what possessed me to do so, but I had ended up destashing it at one point. I recently picked it back up during one of the Zoya flash sales, they do different promotions often so check their Facebook & Instagram to get in the know. This has a cool lavender base with a strong green flash. This was huge when it first came out. I'm glad I have it back now, it's pretty fabulous and looks so cool in real life. This is three thin coats. It has a tendency to pool if you load up your brush too much so be careful.
Zoya Adina

Next is a pinky brown nude crème, OPI Krème de la Kremlin from the Russian collection which came out in Fall 2007. I was feeling super professional wearing this color, it is very buttoned up and ladylike. I feel like this color could work on anyone. Two perfect easy coats. I can't remember where or when I got this but I've had it for a long time!
OPI Krème de la Kremlin

And last is Essence Colour & Go Grey-t To Be Here, which was a lovely gift from one of my friends that lives up north in Canada, Dani. She is such a sweetheart, thanks again girl! I've had this polish on my wishlist for a looong time and I'm so glad I have it now. It's a cloudy day grey with a ton of soft pink and orange flake shimmer bits in it. This needed three coats to be opaque.
Essence Grey-t To Be Here

What have you been wearing on your nails lately? Have a great week everyone!

❤ Kellie
One of the products mentioned was received as a gift; other items were purchased by me.
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