September 16, 2009

vns haul

oooh i've been waiting & waiting patiently (yeah right) for my victoria nail supply order to get here and after coming home late tonight from the WORST class i have ever taken with the WORST headache ever it was finally HERE :D ChG's: visit me in prism, emerald sparkle, white-kwik-silvr, blk-bila-bong, let's do it in 3d, meteor shower
color club's: wild at heart, love 'em leave 'em, wild and willing

and unbelievable, my dad and stepmother were watching me open them and dad goes "oh i like that white one, let me see what it looks like on my nail." so i painted his nail. and he liked it so much, so he wanted them all done. so instead of doing them all that color, i took advantage of this weak moment and swatched the rest of the colors before he really had a chance to stop me. and then i made him take pictures. hee hee heee *evil laugh* awesome. classic.

yeah i know my dad's nails are long for a guy's. his skin is also really really soft. don't let that worry you haha, he's a normal guy otherwise ;)
my madre couldn't be left out so i did her's all with the white-kwik-silvr :) very very pretty. i'm know i'm gonna be using this one A LOT! don't worry, i'll be doing full swatches or mani's of all these soon, this was just a taste ♥


**Edit: Ok, does anyone know why ChG meteor shower smells SOOOO bad?? it's so strong compared to any other polish i have? but it is so beautiful (with a thick top coat, that is) i can't bear to give it up. i might have to invest in a mask or swimmer's nose plugs for that one :( i wonder if the other glitters from that new collection smell the same way?


  1. There's nothing more exciting than waiting for a haul of stuff to arrive in the post!Cute blog, come say hi on mine sometime x

  2. I had a horrid day a while back and in the middle of the morning my China Glaze order was delivered - including White Kwik Silver! It just made my day. It's probably ridiculous that a few colourful bottles of nail polishes can make me so happy :-) I love White Kwik silver - I am wearing it for the 3rd time now. I've also ordered Wild at Heart and Love em & Leave em. Can't wait for your swatches!

  3. One of the best things is receiving packages in the mail... especially when you are waiting on polish ;D Oh how i envy you, how easy you can get these brands..

  4. I'm glad you had something nice waiting for you after such a bad day :) I love your hand models...especially your Dad's!

  5. This is a really nice haul, I love when something nice and unexpected happens on a bad day.

  6. Your father has got to be the best! What a trooper. His nails are a normal length, not long at all, but it does look like he has soft skin, haha. My dad used to let me do this when I was little (especially the glow in the dark ones).
    I'm so jealous that you have Lets do it in 3d and Wild at heart. Meteor Shower looks really pretty too, I can't wait to see them on your nails

  7. Your dad is awesome! That is really cool that he was game to have his nails painted and photographed.

    It is true that nail polish can turn a crappy day around. Have fun with your haul!

  8. The new China Glaze glitter REEK! I think they are full of wonky mind control chemicals that will make us buy more polish! :)

    I totally love your Dad's MANicure! :)

  9. Nice haul! and your dad makes a great model :)

  10. Love that Dad let you do his nails. He's a man that's secure in his masculinity! He just needs his little nail cut. Maybe since he's gone this far he'll let you do a manicure! Glad you got Mom in there too. Her nails look lovely. I noticed that the new China Glaze Glitters really stink! I'm just not used to that strong smell anymore.

  11. This is the bestest post ever, ha ha, I love that Dad let you paint his nails. He must REALLY love you! Ha ha, awesome.

  12. I LOVE that you got your parents in on the swatch-a-palooza! how fun!!! Great haul, too.

    Not sure about the glitters smell!

  13. lol your dad is so cool! swatches by dad is something I didn't see yet :-)
    great haul! I'll be happy to see more swatches :-)

  14. wow these are all beautiful - what a nice treat at the end of a crappy day!

    I totally agree with Liz up there........ The more polish i buy the more I want....What's up with that?


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