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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

vns haul

oooh i've been waiting & waiting patiently (yeah right) for my victoria nail supply order to get here and after coming home late tonight from the WORST class i have ever taken with the WORST headache ever it was finally HERE :D ChG's: visit me in prism, emerald sparkle, white-kwik-silvr, blk-bila-bong, let's do it in 3d, meteor shower
color club's: wild at heart, love 'em leave 'em, wild and willing

and unbelievable, my dad and stepmother were watching me open them and dad goes "oh i like that white one, let me see what it looks like on my nail." so i painted his nail. and he liked it so much, so he wanted them all done. so instead of doing them all that color, i took advantage of this weak moment and swatched the rest of the colors before he really had a chance to stop me. and then i made him take pictures. hee hee heee *evil laugh* awesome. classic.

yeah i know my dad's nails are long for a guy's. his skin is also really really soft. don't let that worry you haha, he's a normal guy otherwise ;)
my madre couldn't be left out so i did her's all with the white-kwik-silvr :) very very pretty. i'm know i'm gonna be using this one A LOT! don't worry, i'll be doing full swatches or mani's of all these soon, this was just a taste ♥


**Edit: Ok, does anyone know why ChG meteor shower smells SOOOO bad?? it's so strong compared to any other polish i have? but it is so beautiful (with a thick top coat, that is) i can't bear to give it up. i might have to invest in a mask or swimmer's nose plugs for that one :( i wonder if the other glitters from that new collection smell the same way?
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