Thursday, September 3, 2009

run with it

loooong day. crazy week at work. i feel awfully sick :( possibly swine flu....just kidding. my cousin is having her baby in nevada as i type this. my other cousin's wedding is saturday and i haven't packed yet and i'm leaving tomorrow. but my hair looks really good. and these pictures of run with it sephora by opi are cheering me up somethin fierce. amazing color, soft grey with flecks and a super subtle slight sheen (i wouldn't go so far as to say shimmer). reminds me of cement sort of. words can't describe how much i love it. i don't love SOPI bottles. they're too heavy and the square-round (sqound, haha) is awkward to me. but other than that i really am impressed by the formula so far, as this is the first one i've tried. love you all and have a wonderful weekend!!!
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