Sunday, September 20, 2009

barielle polishes pt. 1

i borrowed a bunch of barielle polishes from my friend mickelle (hi dear!) as i have none and of course they were sooo beautiful! a lot are from the all lacquered up collection, but some are from the core collection as well.

polished princess

u-concrete me

lava rock

grape escape

falling star, full mani



  1. These are really pretty, I love U-Concret Me, the name is so cute!

  2. Super cute, I really like the purple one's....

  3. wow that is sum nice colors! :D Looks like its a really nice brand of polish :)

  4. my faves are u-concrete me, grape escape and falling star!

  5. Oh cool! I've been planning a Barielle purchase so I'm glad you're doing some of their core line as well as the new collection - ALL of these look great on you!

  6. I have the whole All Lacquered Up collection. I love Falling Star. I wore that for a week and hated to take it of. I love Grape Escape. That's really pretty. They all look lovely on you.

  7. Holla for barielles! Holla for Kellie! :)

  8. U-concrete me! Wicked name for a polish and a nice colour too! :)


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