Friday, September 18, 2009

you really got a hold on me


  1. Seriously. You have the BEST music on your blog! I sometimes leave it on my screen so I can listen to your mixpod while I clean the house. Her voice is amazing. Thanks!

  2. thanks liz!!! music = ♥ of course :D

    sparklingpinkgorilla i'm glad you liked it too!

  3. I love this song, and this version sounds so pretty!

  4. What an angelic voice! But then, I ALWAYS LOVE your taste in music! Are you a singer?

  5. great valerie i'm glad you love this classic as much as i do! she does a great rendition of it <3

    danielle, i am "a singer" in a sense as in i sing in my car and my room haha. i wish i had the guts to sing in front of others but i quit in high school :( although i will ring out with the radio and occasionally warble with my brother, i dread singing by my lonesome! too scaredy-pants haha. thanks deary dear!


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