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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

tagged! 7 things in green

i was tagged by Liz from Iceomatic's Nails to do this fun tag! :) the tagger chooses the color (Green, Liz picked my FAVORITE color!) and the tagee (me in this case) has to take a picture of 7 things that fit that color.

1. my fav harry potter book, #6 the half blood prince! awesome awesome book, and the movie just came out which was also my favorite of the ones that have come out so far
2. hair one hair cleanser/conditioner for dry hair, a curly girl's number one friend
3. garnier fructis curl scrunch gel which smells awesome and is cheap cheap
4. china glaze emerald sparkle oooo to die for sparkly green polish
5. sinful colors san francisco polish which is kind of sheer but builds to an awesome final product
6. bicycle lime green playing cards which are super fun, but only the one color so not so good for playing pounce or gin or games where seeing the two colors in a hurry are necessary
7. the background for the picture, my gorgeous dusty green martha stewart bedspread, which i love. it took me forever to find a comforter design loved this much. and i take my bed seriously people. you have to when you spend as much time in it as i do, hahaha! i just got a "better than down" comforter quilt thing for underneath from Brookstone the other day and it is like sleeping in a cloud filled with whipped butter. so boss.

i pick ORANGE and i tag:

maria at polishign the nails!
kae at the hungry asian
danielle at the diva's polish
jacieo at you've got nail
helen & sheenie at nice things
all you desire (i don't know your name sorry dear!) at all you desire
edit: also tagging my sister clarrisa on her blog (wanted to check to see if she'd want to do it or not haha)

lots of love and kisses! just to let you know, i'm totally behind right now in blogging, it's like my blog has mono :( i've got a few papers and a midterm coming up due in school so i've been hellza busy. but just know i've got a bazillion swatches to show you kids! so wait for me, cuz i'm like the wind...or something ;)

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