September 20, 2009

cute as a tiger button

i've been wanting essie's cute as a button forEVA and i finally got it from transdesign not to long ago :D cuz it's the last place you can get cheap essie's online (correct me if i'm wrong please dears). and it truly did not disappoint. it is a gorgeous pinky coral shade that is so rich and creamy. very complimentary to my skin.

it was a tad more orange than i expected. so i figured i would work with it and the second day decided to use my china glaze ink with nail art brush to draw some tiger/zebra stripes.

then i thought it looked to pretty or something, haha, so i mattyified it with essie's matte about you, which changes the color up a little and made it even more orange. so i had full blown tiger nails. super fun!


  1. I love the pink tiger nails!

  2. Wow this looks so awesome! I love it...

  3. Oh, absolutely CUTE color! I'll have to get this. And doubly cute with the black stripes! :)

  4. This is so cute! As soon as I find cute as a button I am trying this out! Amazing job!

  5. It really does compliment you skin tone beautifully! Love the tiger stripes, too cute :D

  6. Ow thats so cute! And so beautiful :) very lovely mani :))

  7. I've seen a pink leopard manicure and now a pink tiger! Fantastic manicure. Love all the manicures you come up with. Now please post a picture of a pink tiger!

  8. Cute as a button is BEAUTIFUL on you. I Love as much as I love the Zebra stripes. Gorgeous mani.


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