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Thursday, September 10, 2009

tagged: i think you are an awesome girl

awww, thanks! i was tagged by the diva's polish danielle and painted lady fingers's diana for this award so thanks gals!

the rules: share 10 random facts about myself and tag 10 blogs i love reading

1. i love to sleep more than any human possibly should. but i am a night owl. i will stay up until the sun rises sometimes and be perfectly content sleeping all day long with the blinds shut and the AC blasting snuggled under the covers.

2. i hate hate hate being hot but i love being warm and snuggly, mostly when i'm in a chilly room. (see above) this gets to be inconvenient and expensive at times. not for me, but my parents whom i reside with hahaha. i think i will move to alaska someday.

3. i love to read, but i get too involved and emotional with the characters and it becomes my life so i rarely read books anymore. too exhausting.

4. i would rather go out to dinner and a movie for every "date" night activity than almost anything else. i'm so boring. but simple :)

5. i want my wedding & engagement ring to look like jessica simpson's. the irony is that i really don't like her haha. i don't wear a lot of jewelry, so i figure if my husband splurges on the ring, he doesn't have to buy me any more jewelry the rest of our marriage :D

6. grilled cheese sandwiches, vegas sushi rolls, and massaman chicken curry are my favorite foods in the world!!! not together of course.

7. i used to be a huge partier, big drinker, big smoker, etc. now i'm as chill as i thought i'd be when i turned "old" haha. and i'm only 23.

8. my biggest fears are falling down stairs & becoming paralyzed, being hit by a train on the railroad tracks, and being vomited on...again not at the same time. but jesus, what a horrible thought.

9. i can sing pretty well, like really closely to singers' voices. i love doing duets with my brother and cousin. but i'm horribly shy when it comes to singing alone in front of an audience and i've only done it twice in my life.

10. i don't know if i'll be able to have kids (womanly trouble) and as of right now i'm at peace with it. but time will tell. at least i have lots of nail polish to keep me happy!!

i would tag all the blogs i read regularly, but i'm going to cheat and say anyone who hasn't been tagged because i'm pretty sure i would end up picking someone who's already been tagged. love you all. nail polish swatches coming at ya tomorrow!

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