Tuesday, September 22, 2009

barielle polishes pt. 2

this is the second installment in the awesome borrow-ment of the barielle polishes i embarked on a while ago :D

hidden hideaway

date night

sweet addiction

slate of affairs
make it a latte
blackened blue (full mani)
i saw two of the barielle's that looked remarkably similar to two pure ice's i happened to have purchased the day before i borrowed them all and decided to do some comparison swatching.

get mauve-ing vs. pure ice taupe drawer
i think get mauveing has a bit more purple where taupe drawer leans more red/pink but they're too close for an untrained eye to catch.

u-concrete me vs. pure ice kiss me here
the barielle is slightly more blue and opaque while the pure ice is more of a true gray. i say save your money on both of the above, and get the pure ice versions because the formula was easier to work with and $2 compared to $8 (+ s&h probably) isn't really a comparison to me ;) but of course, you should decide for yourselves and that's what these swatches are here for (also my enjoyment/boredom haha). take care chica bonitas!


  1. Oooh! I am finding it hard to keep up - I've been looking but unfortunately not typing too much! Sorry doll! I love the first polish - hidden hideaway! beautiful on your nails!

  2. Those are great swatches, and thank you for the comparisons!

  3. The first one reminds me the Risqué Affair, but only a little more purple.
    Very nice!

  4. Aww you're so sweet!
    Thanks for following my blog!

  5. Oh! I already have the Pure Ice gray, now I will pick up Taupe Drawer because I wanted the Barielle! Good deal, thank you so much! I like that you're doing this. I HAVE to get the Barielle Sweet Addiction though, and I think I can skip Slate of Affairs, which I thought I might need, but now I don't ;)

  6. Wow! The top two purple and green plus blackened blue are AWESOME! I would love to have those in my collection.

  7. I have most of these. I really like these colors. They are all so beautiful.


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