Monday, January 25, 2010

my mannequin hands

ok, i don't really follow the "trends" all that much, but when the mannequin hands thing started showing up i was like, ok that's a train i can jump on pretty easily. unfortunately i didn't have the perfect nude in my arsenal at the time, so i went and picked out a new polish (twisted my arm, haha) and chose one of the sally hansen complete manicure line. now, i hated the polish process with this guy, because it has the crappy long neck, the yucky long handle, and the flat/skinny squarish round brush. not my fav. but ok, the polish on me looked pretty darn close to "mannequin" as i think i'll ever get. the problem here? i can't remember the freaking name of the polish!! sorrrrry kids! mostly cuz i returned it the next day. i love our rite aid, they have a money back guarantee on cosmetics so if you use it and hate it, back it goes! i'm almost positive it was either cafe au lait or nude now. oh well, here are the pics!
these are taken with that old crappy camera that i returned (i'm the queen of returns!) so excuse the poor quality. also, wtf's up with my cuticles?? boo! haha.
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