January 28, 2010

big polish haul

i had some time before class tonight so me and my sister (who i haven't seen in almost two weeks and that i usually see daily) got to hang out and shop a little. yeah...

i binged.

big time.

above are the OPI Hong Kong polishes: suzi says feng shui, red my fortune cookie, dim sum plum (minis), hot & spicy, and jade is the new black
these are random ones i picked out at the mall: hot topic (no name) kind of easter looking colors minty teal and bright lavender, icing mint 2 be and weekend rendezvous, and OPI Louvre me, Louvre me not.

and that's not all the polish i've gotten in the last week...
i bought some of china glaze's amazing up & away collection from transdesign, then china glaze sent me three polishes for review purposes. (i'm missing grape pop in this picture, but i purchased that one too): lemon fizz, something sweet, peachy keen, re-fresh mint, heli-yum, flyin' high, four leaf clover, and high hopes
orly provided me with some polishes from their bloom collection: ginger lily, wild wisteria, and thorned rose
orly also sent these polishes from their new sweet collection: gumdrop, pixy stix, and lollipop - with their adorable little matching flavored/scented mini lip gloss key chains
AAAANNNDDD i picked up OPI smitten with mittens on sale at smith's market, of all places, my sister got me the sephora by opi ocean love potion, china glaze golden spurs was from my transdesign order, the orly prisma gloss gold (which i forgot to shake up before i took the picture) and orly enchanted forest double pack was on clearance at sally beauty so natch i snagged it up.

*PHEW* i have a lot of swatching ahead of me. a. lot. not that i'm complaining ;)


  1. Lucky! The Hong Kong collection isn't released at my local Trade Secret until next week. Jade Is the New Black looks absolutely gorgeous. Definitely going to have to pick that one up.

  2. Wow, you did binge! Lucky girl!

  3. So many polishes :p Your wallet must be crying, but at least it must have made you happy :D

  4. I keep seeing Icing Mint 2 be, gotta go hunt that one down. Love the Orly with attached lip glosses :-)

  5. Totally JEALOUS!

    I need to get my hands on some colors from the Up & Away collection. They're seriously the only things that make me wish it were spring right now!

    Awesome haul.

  6. I can't wait for the Hong Kong collection, you got fabulous goodies!

  7. JEALOUS!!!!

    I'd love to get my hands on Jade is the New Black! Stupid no buy, grumble grumble.

    ORLY sent me Gumdrop too. I got 2 others that are different than yours. I wanted Lollipop though. :(

    Nice haul!

  8. Oh My Goodness. Sweeet haul. I'm so jealous of your Teal is the New Black!!! NEED! And all the other stuff. You picked up some great stuff! Isn't the Up & Away collection amazing? I'm in love. =) Can't wait to see swatches!!!

  9. what other color is in the mini OPI set?

  10. that "takeout" bag is hilarious :D

  11. Anonymous - the other bottle in the mini set is the OPI clear topcoat, forgot to mention that :)

  12. Wow! That is nothing short of amazing. You're going to love Louvre Me Louvre Me Not. That is just a gorgeous purple. Also, how do you get companies to send you things?! I am loving the way those Orlys look.

  13. Oooo weee! That is one sexy haul! Well done! I have to join in and say that I too, am jealouss!!!

  14. Perfect haul!!! You're very lucky! I loved all bottles that you show in this post!!

  15. I really want that green shade from the Hong Kong collection. Nice polishes you bought and received. Your going to be very busy.

  16. Wow, great haul! Looking forward to some swatches. Those OPI HK collection polishes look lovely.

  17. Good post !! What cms do you use on your site ?


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