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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

bb couture hands of hope

it is hard for me to care (i.e. listen to people jabber) about trivial things like award show speeches, who's who on reality tv shows like "jersey shore", who's gotten what new plastic surgery done, and even things i love like nail polish when we see such devastating events such as the monumental heartache and pain going on in countries like Haiti right now. i would love to drop everything and run down and help but sadly mine as well as many others' lives cannot work that way. it's times like this when we all need to do our part. pitch in every little way that YOU can. in ways that matter to YOU.

so how can we help? BB Couture and has made it easy, and you can gain something you would probably have gotten anyway, more nail polish (haha) along with the satisfaction of lending a hand to the victims of the earthquake disaster in Haiti. 25% of the proceeds from the new collection from BB Couture "Hands of Hope" will go directly to the Salvation Army's Haiti Relief Efforts, as they assist the survivors and help them to rebuild their future.
The Hands of Hope Collection is a soothing array of pastel crèmes:

~Bassin’s Blue – experience subtle turquoise pools linked by spectacular waterfalls

~Cape Haitian – mornings bring a mysterious pale violet haze over the mountains

~Paradise – savor the natural beauty of Haiti along the endless sandy beige beaches

~Kyona Beach – gaze up at the cloudless baby blue sky while sunning on the beach

~Labadie Beach – delight in the delicate pink hues of the setting sun

~Tortuga Island - explore the exotic lush green island foliage

(Each complete set ordered will include a free bottle of Top Rock top coat)

the complete set retails for $54.00 at
click here for more info and swatches
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