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Sunday, January 17, 2010

tagged! happy 101 meme

Cumcumpear has tagged me for the Happy 101 :) thanks doll!

How it works: list 10 things that make you happy and tag 10 blogs.

1.  nail polish - haha don't roll your eyes, i know i know, it's a totally obvious one. but honestly, i can't even explain how happy i get when i have a good 30-45 minutes to myself and i can go through the process of removing my previous polish and putting a pretty new polish on. and when i'm done, all i want to do is put another polish on! i'm so dorky haha. and picking out new colors is so exciting for me. it's a good think i'm not a coke addict, haha.

2.  music - another obvious answer, but honestly, it's my passion. i wish i could read music or play an instrument. my ipod or stereo or radio or pandora or is always always on. when music isn't playing, i'm humming or whistling or singing. i even (secretly) write songs but don't know if they'll ever get put into real existence.

3. having my arm tickled - i think it is so relaxing and soothing to have someone (usually a significant other or a family member) tickle or massage my arm and hands. idk, my sister started having me do it for her when we watched tv and i loooooved it so much so now i'm addicted to it.

4. baths - a long relaxing bath is the best ahhhhh

5. tv marathons - i'm so down for watching tv series, but the best way to do it is waiting for them to go on dvd and watching them back to back. i've done this with so many shows that i love! weeds, medium, house, the mentalist, awesome.

6. going out to dinner with friends and family - i don't care where and it doesn't have to be for an occasion, i just love having a meal and great conversation with some peeps.

7. family - as i get older, my family's love and importance only becomes more and more apparent to me. i cannot say enough about how much they inspire, support, and motivate me.

8. school - even though i hate it at times, i'm really thankful for the opportunity to attend a university and live in a nice place.

9. my job - i have worked in a data entry position in a credit repair law firm for almost three years. i love the people i work with and i have had a lot of success with the job. even though the firm will likely be closing sometime this year, due to our investors succumbing a bit to the economy, i am thankful to have had the job for this long and to have it right now.

10. my blog - i love having this blog as an outlet for my feelings, my hobby of nail polish and photography, and to meet all of you fun, beautiful, caring, and interesting readers!

I tag (please ignore if you've already done it or don't want to):

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