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Sunday, January 31, 2010

RBL scrangie & plie

i had to take advantage of the huge sale Rescue Beauty Lounge had a while ago, seeing as how i would probably never spend $18 on a single (small) bottle of nail polish and i really wanted some of their colors. plus i was dying to know if their formula was really as boss as everyone says it is. being around christmas time, i asked my lovely amazing older sister clarrisa if she would get me some as a present. which she did! she got me scrangie, recycle, and starfish patrick. and she picked out plie for herself. here are the first round of pics.

scrangie, created by the beautiful scrangie, is everything i thought it would be. shimmery, slightly red based, blue, purple duochromey amaze-a-balls goodness. lovely! this is 2 coats.
lamp light
w/ essie's matte about you
plie, borrowed to swatch, is a creme, which i hear is Ji Baek's specialty. and wow, seriously, idk if the polishes are worth $18....but maybe close to it. they're pretty darn good. this beautiful nude pinky neutral was a dream to apply. i didn't especially love the color on me, however after wearing it a day, it seemed to wash me out a bit. but i'm sure my sister will love it! this is 2 coats.
lamp light
more to come, have a great sunday everyone!
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