Wednesday, January 20, 2010

opulent cloud

i have a love hate relationship with sally hansen nail polishes. i really really love some of their colors and the formula on a lot of the polish lines rock. but...some of their bottle shapes and brush designs are just about unforgivable. the long neck design is just unbelievably difficult to work with and unnecessary. the brush handle is equally long and stupid. and i think they do way too many frosty colors haha.

opulent cloud is one of those polishes that came out with a bang, à la sopi metro chic or chanel jade. an instant classic that caused hundreds of polish-fiends to race to their local walgreens, rite-aids, and CVS stores to find the elusive unicorn polish. it's a light steel lavender-blueish gray, with a frosty gold shimmer. i don't really love it to be honest. but hey, i've had worse ;)
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