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Sunday, January 24, 2010

meeting gildedangel

i had a great saturday this weekend! so i am from utah, utah valley to be more specific, and i found out a while ago that me and gildedangel from Naive Nails blog and i live pretty close to each other! she lives a hop, skip, and a jump up north from me in the salt lake city area. how awesome is that?? so we of course had to plan a get together to meet and swap and go polish shopping.

it is way cool to finally get to talk to someone in person that you feel like you already kind of know thru blogging and twitter etc. although i did bring my (fellow polish fiend) friend mickelle with me just in case...haha :) we both had the best time with samantha (aka gildedangel)! we met up at Ulta, bought WAAAAY too much polish, then headed over to have lunch at Chipotle, mmmmm good, and then trekked to the closest mall to stake out their Trade Secret, Beauty Express, Icing, Claire's, and a bunch of other places. it was amazing and i love having a polish/blogger friend so close!

this is me and samantha in icing
mickelle buying waaaay too many earrings (she's so funny!)
this is samantha with the coolest most ridiculous "mink" muff thing on a chain we saw. i wanted it so bad, cuz it was so crazy haha!
this is me in forever 21 with a selection of their ugly hats and glasses, woo hawt!
samantha and i before we parted ways for the afternoon
samantha, me, and mickelle cheesing it up for the camera!
my haul from Ulta: ChG custom kicks, ChG sky high-top, ChG paper chasing, OPI in my back pocket, and essie st. lucia lilac
my swaps from samantha: sinful colors burgandy apple, OPI significant other color, OPI DS reflection, OPI bogota blackberry, and OPI fuchsia fling
you can read her post and see her haul HERE :)
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