January 20, 2010

opi designer shades 2009

opi's designer series put out some new shades this past fall, glow and mystery. i didn't purchase these, i borrowed them to swatch, although i loved them both so much that i will probably have to get my own sooner or later.

glow is full of bronzey gold shimmery goodness. it's kind of a chunky metallic flake kind of polish that i've never really had before and it wore like IRON. i swear this stuff would not chip or budge! i dare say it wouldn't be that flattering on many skin tones unfortunately, but i liked it on me haha.
mystery is the perfect name for this deep dark purple. i thought it was black but the first coat shows that beyond a shadow of a doubt it is purple. the golden sparkles in it show the depth. gorgeous gorgeous. i loved it (as evident by the amount of pictures i'm showing you!)


  1. Ooo, those are both so pretty! I love Glow on you!

  2. Those are very pretty colors but I still wish OPI would go back to the DS being holo.

  3. Love both of these, I don't see them often, they should get more loving! :-)

  4. I am always on the lookout for new nailblogs to add to my blogroll. I'd add you, but the loud autoplay music widget is a total turnoff. Sorry!

  5. thanks for your feedback, anonymous. i will take that into consideration.

  6. I like how a. They're anonymous, and b. They don't say that on your latest post, but go back a few posts to make a snarky comment. That's a good sign of a hater.

  7. Ohh I picked up OPI Mystery recently, but it's still sitting in my pile of untried polishes. Definitely excited to use this one soon, it looks so pretty on you!


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