Monday, March 15, 2010

conserve and reclaim

oldies. with my oldie crappy camera. i apologize about the quality of these pictures. i took a ton of swatch pictures with the craptastic thing. so i am finally getting around to posting them.

this is nubar conserve. (i borrowed these from my friend mickelle :D) it is a lovely blue-green with slight shimmer sheen that came out in nubar's "going green" collection last year. it's not really my color, but a very nice medium cool green. this swatch is two coats.

i love holographic polishes, you love holographic polishes, everyone loves holos! probably... if you don't then it's ok, i still like you. but honestly, a GREEN holo? whew i never thought i'd see the day. but dear ol' vegan-friendly nubar did it. reclaim is a grass green sparkley rainbow of holographic wonder. i wish i'd have gotten a daylight photo of this, because it's just unbelievable under the sun. two coats :D
again, *BLECH* about the pictures. my hands do not usually look so lobstery or weathered or yucky. hope everyone's monday is going well!


  1. Your pics are fine! I am sure we all have a few, or in my case, several of oldie photos. I love Reclaim! Probably the only green polish I have worn more than once :)

  2. Reclaim applied patchily on me the 2nd time I used it. I find holos are fussy about what base coat I use and can leave bald spots and drag. I have to be careful as they are temperamental with me.
    Diamond Cosmetics Chainmail Charm is my favourite. It reminds me of wolf-fur (if I had ever stroked a wolf). And it is cheap! And subtle.

  3. OMG Reclaim is AMAZING!!! Conserve is gorgeous too but Reclaim is just stunning :)
    I want! lol

  4. These are both really gorgeous! I'm not usually drawn to holos, but I like this one! ...Though I do like Conserve better. (It's much more my color!)

    I also really love your new header! :D

  5. Those greens are gorgeous!

  6. MAN! I can't believe it's been this long since I've gone to any polish blogs. Good thing I started with yours. :) I LOVE seeing my name in print... you make me famous! Love you and love polish!


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