Friday, March 26, 2010

purple pizzazz

i've seriously been trying to write this post for almost a month. i wore this polish back when i first bought it, when it first came out idk when. a million months ago?? and i'm just NOW finally finishing the pictures and uploading yadda yadda. it's been awful hard for me to blog recently. i get on a good rhythm and then i miss one day and i'm SCREWED again haha. so i apologize for this wishy-washy on/off again relationship i'm starting to have with my blogging. it's not you, it's me haha.

sally hansen's new polishes are really kickin if you ask me. this is one of my favorite colors in the Xtreme Wear line, purple pizzazz. it's a pretty rich purple jelly with a billion sparkles. this is three coats and i still had VNL (visible nail line) in most lights, but that doesn't bother me. if it bothers you, just use a ridge-filling base coat or a light nude polish as your first layer and it should help with opacity.  i don't actually love how this polish wears over time though, which isn't usually a problem for me as I re-paint almost daily, but this guy i had on like four days. it ended up looking dingy and kinda lackluster pretty quickly. i mattified it and i liked it way better. so i'll have to remember that if i want to wear it for more than one day.
flash, less blue IRL
lamp light, accurate color
sun, third day wear
mattified w/ Essie's Matte About You
my totally gangsta purple aviators - very appropriate for this post, no?
have a sweet sexy friday luvs! it's a total blizzard for us in northern utah right now. i'm kinda mad. isn't it supposed to be spring???


  1. Very pretty color. And it's so interesting to see it glow softly when a matte coat is placed over it. I hear you on the cold - the cold wind from the Utah storm is hitting us in central Arizona - it'll only be 76 today, brrr, because of the storm in your state. TGIF! -JenB

  2. I love that color. I have it but I haven't used it. You've reminded me that I need new sunglasses...I kind of want heart-shaped ones, but I can't tell whether or not I'll be able to wear them sans irony...decisions, decisions.

  3. I've never seen this color before, it's really gorgeous! I've never tried any of the SH Xtreme Wear polishes actually... I just picked up my first one the other night, Pacific Blue. I can't wait to put it on!

    ps; you totally rock those aviators ;)

  4. You have purple aviator?? You rock! Mine are just pure classic Ray-Ban. How boring. :D

    I'm a huge fan of purple. Like so many of us. I hope I can get my hands on this beauty at some point! I love your nail length by the way: just perfect.

  5. I loooooove your sunglasses! Where you got them from? :D And oh my that polish looks so cool matte! :P

  6. jenb ~ i love the glow it gives while matte! the weather was so ridiculous, snow then sun, then rain, then sleet, blah, blah. i think i'd prefer 76 degrees haha.

    steph ~ i think you should totally rock some heart shaped glasses! life's too short, do what you want, especially where fashion is concerned!

    caitlin ~ can't wait to see pacific blue on your lovely nails! thanks for the compliment :)

    nat ~ thanks so much, i'm a big fan of yours too!! i'm going to have a giveaway here soon soon including a new bottle of this guy so keep a look out!

    maria dear ~ thanks girl! i got them at Forever 21 for like $3 haha! they have the best glasses and it's good they're cheap cuz i lose mine all the time!

  7. I want those! If we do a swap you must promise me to throw a pair in! ;D

  8. maria ~ will do! i seriously JUST saw something the other day that i knew you would love so i will have to send a pair of the glasses to you along with it yay!

  9. haha great! well you just name some stuff you want and I will start gathering some stuff ;)


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