Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a grape fit

i saw this polish on a blog a while ago, long before these medium purples were cropping up all over the place in easy to access/find spots like ulta and china glaze and maybelline (etc.) collections. i've wanted this guy since i first saw it, i just thought it was the perfect lovely purple that wasn't too dark or too blue or too periwinkle or too lilac etc. it's very feminine and i think it would be good for spring or fall. (not like i follow weather trends anyway but ya know, it's worth mentioning haha.) i uncovered this guy hiding in a bin on a trip to trade secret, yay!

a grape fit was the typical perfection that opi cremes usually are, great wide thick brush that i like. amazing buttery formula, great pigment, great shine. i am in purple nirvana. this is two lovingly applied coats.
my week is not going so awesome, having some family trubs. so send me some positive karma if you can spare any and i'll send some your way when i'm feeling more cheery. luv ya to everyone who visits, peeks, comments, lurks, and even the haters (who i've surprisingly gotten a lot of lately). i blog for comfort, for relaxation, for my sanity sometimes, and most of all for fun. a few ignorant remarks and emails aren't going to stop that. just sayin ;)

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