Sunday, March 28, 2010

two polishes i don't love

the first polish i don't love that i have to show you right now is called anita be me by icing. with a name that adorable and being from my beloved icing, how could i not want it?? that's right, i could not NOT want it. so i scooped it up. also it was in a half off bin so twice the score right? wrong. apparently, old non-big-3-free polishes by icing have this ugly swirly design on the side and a flower design on the cap of the handle and this thing had that. how did i come to to this conclusion? well, by common sense, as none of my other icing polishes have these. and by googling it of course, but also by smelling its hideous chemically smell when the cap came off. ewww. but whatev, i gave it a go anyway. it had holographic sparkles for gawd sakes, and it's GOLD! and you knnnooooowwww i cannot resist gold. the result is below:
fail. ugly, unfocused pictures's just not pretty IMO. and it smells. i literally groan when i see this polish in my stash. anyone who wants to swap for it?? it's YOURS!

the second guy that i really wanted to like is copper by l.a. colors. pretty plain name, not especially exciting in the bottle, but i was on a brown kick so i was game. and it was at the dollar store. so i was like "woot woot, score, woot yeahhhh i'm so down with cheap pretty polish WOOT!". and then i got it on my fingernails and i pretty much figured out why it was only a dollar. nothing in particular was horrible about it, it just wasn't good. bad, thick but watery formula, ugly color that was not flattering on me, and the brush was the wonkiest shortest thing i've ever seen. no bueno.
welp, as i've said before, they can't all be winners. and again, if anyone wants to trade for these *ahem* lovely polishes i would be more than willing. just send me an email :D
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