Friday, March 19, 2010

four leaf clover

this was my "green" for st. patrick's day this year. well, this and a shamrock & pirate's hat on my black Dropkick Murphy's concert t-shirt i wore too. how did you celebrate? i worked, went to the eye doctor, and hung out with my sister and watched american idol. awesome huh haha.

china glaze's four leaf clover came out with the up & away collection this spring. the whole collection was utterly divine, the brights being the stand outs in my opinion. this guy was no exception. notoriously hard to photograph though, i did my best to represent the almost-neon bright kelly green creme (with a little photo editing help). slides over the nail like butter, albeit a bit thick. i did end up thinning mine a little so i had more control. this is two coats w/ poshe topcoat. p.s. btw i've been using poshe lately since i've run out of my seche vite and i am surprised to say i REALLY like it! like a lot. hmmm i may be looking into switching...haha!
geezzzz this is a hard color to capture on camera. if you want a TRULY accurate swatch, which i'm sure you do, go head over to Asami's blog. she's got the skills that i lack when it comes to this guy (and a lot of other stuff haha!).
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