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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

nubar purple rain

this is a swatch of a gorgeous deep purple glitter from nubar. purple rain is the perfect name for it. and sorry if it gets that Prince song stuck in your head, like it does mine, everytime i hear "purple rain". the glitter in it is both silver and holo if i can see clearly, but this is an old swatch and i borrowed this polish so i could be wrong. i also was in a long stretch of night swatching so no sun photo :( but i would imagine it would look much warmer in the daylight. very pretty and very flattering.
i took a blurry shot to show you the lovely sparkles!
lamp light shows the glitter defined
and of course i had to mattify it :)
i liken this to essie's starry starry night only in purple and kinda better, because there's a tinge of that holo greatness we all love so much!
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