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Monday, May 14, 2012

Essie Poppy-Razzi Collection

I freaking love neon polish. It's just not the easiest to work with, usually. Essie put out a neon collection a few years back that had fun colors but were problem children in terms of application. These neons are a different story, amazing formula and fabulous shades. Poppy-Razzi has four uber bright neon shades with names that give a nod to summer blockbusters.

Lights is a really awesome neon blue tinged pink neon jelly. I've never seen it's equal honestly. The formula really reminds me of the OPI sorbets from the Texas collection in 2011, only more pigmented. These are all three coats with a shiny topcoat, as these dry satiny matte.

Camera is lovely, really beautiful. This is a reddish coral neon jelly. I love how bright it is, but rather than screaming neon, it really just emphatically cheers. These are all really intense shades, but they exercise some caution almost and don't knock you over the head with their neon-ness. I imagine that's why they are so much easier to work with than traditional neons.

Action is a power color, fo sho. It's an apricot neon orange on the verge of tangerine. A very tricky color to explain without seeing it in person. This one I felt was a little more streaky on application, but it ended up looking just as perfect in three coats as the other two.

The fourth lacquer is called Bazooka, which I passed on because it seemed a little to close in color to Action for me, it's an orange shade in case you're wondering. These polishes can also be used over a white shade to produce a brighter, less transparent color; you'll see Essie's Blanc in the display in stores with these neons. You can get these online at etailers like Transdesign and in stores like CVS and Rite Aid.

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