May 23, 2012

Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kolors CVS Exclusives

Nicole by OPI put out seven more Kardashian Kolors for their line exclusive to CVS this Spring. I seem to always put off swatching NOPIs because I despise the bottle design, even though I end up really liking most of their colors. It's just an aesthetic thing, nothing to do with the brand or polish. I still have to show you the original Kardashian collection that came out last year, haha.

First is Paparazzi Don't Preach, a smooth milky pinky peach. This was a bit sheer, but otherwise it was lovely in terms of application. This is three coats. I adore the Madonna song it pays homage to :)

Next is Strike a Pose, a bright poppy red with coral undertones. This is really pretty in person, not necessarily unique but very lovely. I adore brights like this for warm weather. This is two coats.

Here is One Big Happy Fame-ily, a dorky name haha but a very sweet polish. It's a lavender glass fleck that might look dupe-able in the bottle but turned out very distinctive. This one is a bit sheer, so this is three coats.

Here is Our Fuchsia's Lookin' Bright is a purpley fuchsia crème. This one is also not super unique, but again it's a great bright pigmented color, perfect for summer. This is two coats.

Smile for the Glam-era is a gorgeous blackened eggplant with red and multicolored shimmer flecks, some small and some a bit bigger. This had a fab formula, two coats.

Ladies in the Limelight is a limon yellow with a hint of green undertones, reminds me of Fiercely Fiona from the Shrek Forever After collection of 2010. This one was a tad streaky, but workable. This is three coats.

Last is Back To Reality...TV, a purpley periwinkle with delicate reddish pink shimmer. I thought I would love this one, but it just strikes me as middle of the road. This is three coats.

These are available now for $7.99 each at CVS locations nationwide and online at What do you think of these new additions to the Kardashian/Nicole by OPI collaboration?

Products provided for review.


  1. I felt the same way about Back to Reality...TV. In the bottle I was so excited for it, but on the nail it didn't excite me as much.

  2. I prefer "Smile for the Glam-era" it is very beautiful :-)

  3. Love One Big Happy Fame-ily.....I don't know what it is about it, but I love it.

  4. Very cute your nails.

  5. I really like all of these- even the ones I wouldn't have expected to gravitate to (the light peach, the poppy red). The lavender one is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing such perfect swatches of these! Oh, and about the NOPI bottles... I despise them, too. I hate that they're so asymmetrical!

  6. omgosh i love the peach and raspberry color! the peach one looks like the colors i've been gravitating towards lately :D i wish the bottles for NOPI was more symmetrical, it bugs me so bad when i try to organize them cause they stick out haha

  7. What a great collection, I like! "Smile For The Glam-era" has caught my eye

  8. I really like this collection!



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