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Friday, May 25, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge GOMM Collection

EDIT: This post has been edited for legal reasons. Please see: for more information.

Today I have the new collection from Rescue Beauty Lounge to show you, titled GOMM. This group of seven lacquers area all derived from Ji Baek's inspiration taken a famed American artist. Please read Ji's press release on this collection on her blog. Her description of the color will appear before the photos of the color swatch, then after I will weigh in with my review.

Bella Donna: It would be insulting not to include white in an homage to "her". My challenge was to make a porcelain white or to convey bleached bones in all of its glorious opaqueness without making a streaking mess. This was difficult to achieve and Bella Donna took the longest time to perfect, but I was finally able to produce a self-leveling second coat. I envision luscious blooms of Bella Donna in every hand gesture and blossoming Bella Donna petals beautifully resting on your toes.

Bella Donna is a fantastically simple polish, with an air of elegance and innocence. The white is squishy and fresh and beautiful. This polish had a great formula for such a pale color, it is meant, like all of Ji's lacquers, to be complete in two coats but I found that look to be just a tad too sheer for my taste. This is three coats.

Faraway Nearby: Picture yourself standing in a strikingly sweeping and voluminous desert. A shimmery heat wave flirts with your vision, producing huddles of dancing mirages. Your eyes are tricked by a desert hallucination. The heat wave levitates and soars up into the spacious, serene, cloudless desert sky.

Faraway Nearby is the perfect shade of bright sky blue, with a hint of blue shimmer. The shade is definitely one that was "missing" from Rescue Beauty's polish line, which houses many blues but none of this particular breed. I found the formula to be perfect, this is two coats.

Santa Fe Road: I was offered a trip to Santa Fe when I was working on this collection, but turned it down. I wanted to capture the soul of Santa Fe solely through "her" images. This color would be an aerial view of my imaginary Santa Fe—the baked earth tones of ocher with the shimmery, glisteningly ubiquitous dotted greens.

Santa Fe Road is exactly the color I imagine in my mind when I hear it, warm autumn squash orange with the perfect amount of warm green shimmer. And I know RBL fans (ReBeLs) have been wanting an orange from Ji for a long time :) Another perfect formula, this is two coats.

Abiquiu: Clusters of brushed desert plants sway mesmerically with the wind. After a thunderous rain that cleanses off dust and sunburns, Abiquiu captures the moment when that first sunbeam appears and flashes them with a warm kiss.

Abiquiu is a spring green with a slight silver shimmer. I can't imagine a more perfect interpretation of desert plants than this color. I live in the high desert, northern Nevada, and I am surrounded by scrubby bushes and drought tolerant trees. This totally makes me think of plants I'd see out my window on the side of a mountain! This is the name of a town in New Mexico, which I'm sure is home to lots of desert flora.

Ghost Ranch: This is the magical place that captivated "her" heart—her home. “...the shadows are long and the sun hits brightly on unexpected spots,” she wrote to Stieglitz–taken from Portrait of an Artist: A Biography of "her" by Laurie Lisle. In the twilight, the adobe casts its nebulous glow, and the mistress is on her rooftop wrapped in a Navajo blanket, walking stick in hand as she watches the first appearance of the muted, twinkling stars.

I am in love with this polish. Ghost Ranch is a metallic bronzey brown that makes me feel like I'm out on the range. This is so fabulous, I can't even explain it. Butter-like formula. This is two coats.

Jack in the Pulpit: Her Jack in the Pulpit series totaled six pieces. The way "she" used greens, blues, and especially that bastardized teal, put me in a hypnotic state. When I actually saw the paintings in person, the oil paint brush strokes that mixed the three colors came alive in certain lights.

Jack in the Pulpit is a ridiculously gorgeous deep blue-green with turquoise blue shimmer. I've never seen anything quite like it, I mean, WOW. Thin formula but creamy and opaque, two coats.

Oriental Poppy: Finding yourself amongst a sea of poppy fields, you toss your bike aside to lie down for a rest to swallow and inhale the beauty. Lusciously vibrant petals bob their heads up and down with the flirting wind. As a sign of approval, the glorious, piercing golden sunlight casts a spell and what you see is the electrifying vibrancy of a mysterious red with spots of color aglow with the sun.

Oriental Poppy is a screamingly bright poppy red with pink and gold shimmer. I wish this photo captured the brilliance of the shimmer, but it's one you'll need to see in person to fully appreciate. The formula on this is amazing, I was able to get it super close to my cuticle without it flooding my cuticles. This is opaque in two coats.

Pre-orders for this collection will begin the first week in June, and will be available online in July.  Rescue Beauty Lounge lacquers can be purchased on for $20.

Products provided for review.
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