Monday, May 7, 2012

Love & Beauty - Hot Pink/Gold

Hi lovelies :) I picked up this random no-name lacquer at Forever 21 like a billion years ago and I tucked it away and promptly forgot about it. I just stumbled across it the other day and couldn't believe I haven't worn it yet! It's almost my dream color, for reals. It's a slammin' hot pink with a neon coral tinge and heavy gold shimmer. Um, exqueeze me?! If this were a food, I'd say, GET IN MY BELLY!

This is two coats of freaking awesome color. I have quite a few Forever 21/Love & Beauty polishes that I think I haven't paid enough attention to. And they're freaking cheap, less than $3. I wish it had a real name, it simply says "Nails/Polish | Hot Pink/Gold" on the label. Damn right.

My nails are total shorties right now. They were getting pretty long there and I had a snag so, chop chop! Here's hoping your week goes well, friends!

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