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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Glitter Gal Australia New Polish Lines

Hi friends :) Today I have some polishes from Glitter Gal Australia's new lines, Transitions, Shade Shifters, and Opal Effects. Very exciting, seeing new stuff from GG, home of the world's best holographic polishes. Here we go!

"Shade Shifters are metallic shades shifting / changing finish with intense primary color effect which reflects a different color spectrum when viewed at a different angle. G Gal’s "Shade Shifters" are similar to those you see on wings of exotic beetles - they shift from one shade to another when viewed from different angles."

First is a Shade Shifter, called Hidden Violet. It's a “Soft” finish - more smooth polished look with finer particles. This has a soft purple base with a reflective purple and blue metallic tones. This is two coats over a black cream.

Next is a Shade Shifter with “Brilliant” finish - very bright glitter effect showing slightly larger particles, called Last Light. This sparkler has a deep copper tone with a beetle wing green shimmer from different angles. This is two coats over black.

"For a Soft Look simply apply over clean dry nails to reveal an elegant colored pearl effect. If applied directly onto unpainted nails the Transition Effect Nail Polish gives you a very soft color tint over your nails that just dances with a hint of colour when seen from different angles. You can't take your eyes off it!"

Here is one of the new Transitions, meant to be applied either alone on the nail for a soft pearl look or over a vivid dark base color. This is Transitions Soft Blue, two coats again layered over black. The milky base applies as a shimmer sapphire pearlescent coating.

"Glitter Gal’s Opal Collection was inspired and named after Australian outback mining towns, as the Opal polish captures the look of Australia’s beautiful opals - your nails will be transformed."

The Opal shade I have is called Lightning Ridge, a clear jelly base with green and coppery flakes. I personally found this to be a delight, different from a lot of the other flakies I have. The flake shards are nice and flat, but are separate like glitter pieces, unlike something like Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. Very nice if not a bit more sparse than I expected. This is three coats over black.

Glitter Gal polishes can be purchased from Glitter Gal directly, or from Llarowe and NinjaPolish, the US stockists for Glitter Gal, or from Harlow & Co, the Canadian stockist for Glitter Gal. On the Glitter Gal website, the 9mL bottles are AUD $11.95 and the 15mL bottles are AUD $17.95.

Products provided for review.
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