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Friday, May 11, 2012

BB Couture - Men on Film Collection

Yay new BB Couture polishes! I am so into this brand, they are so innovative and unique! This collection is kin to the Girls on Tape collection I showed you earlier this year. I tend to prefer the men's side of the collections, but I concede both of these groups are excellent, and very different. This one contains one metallic shimmer and six matte shades.

Key Largo is a shimmery pale steel blue metallic. I think this is perfect for the name, reminiscent of the beach on a stormy day. I've never seen the film it's named for, but anything starring Bogart has to be good :) This is two coats.

Commando is a matte dark hunter green. The movie it's named for starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as a Black Ops Commando, another I've not had the privilege of seeing ;) I could definitely see this green on a military man fighting in the jungle! I love this color and adore it matte. It's almost satin-y rather than straight chalky matte. This is two coats.
Commando with shiny top coat
This is Full Metal Jacket, a satin matte black with speckled silver shimmer. I would almost classify this as a grey. I really love this, it reminds me of China Glaze Stone Cold, but this has more glow. Another military movie, a classic really. I highly recommend it. This is two coats.
Full Metal Jacket with shiny topcoat
Blade Runner is a black with subtle microshimmer, which is more pronounced when it has a shiny topcoat. Full Metal Jacket's darker brother. I've never seen its namesake's movie, but I've heard good things. This is one coat, a very well behaved matte, again with more of a satin finish.

Blade Runner with shiny topcoat
Another polish named for a Humphrey Bogart film, Dark Passage is a satin matte dark chocolate brown with microshimmer. I was surprised when I realized how many brown polishes I have, it's not the first color I think of to covet in polish form, but I obviously seem to like it! This is two coats.
Dark Passage with shiny topcoat
This is the darkest and most matte of the bunch, Road Warrior is a jet black. This is named for Mad Max 2, starring Mel Gibson. Geez, now I have plenty of movies to add to my Netflix queue! This is two coats. I had a little trouble with this one, probably because it is SO matte, it's very thick. This is two coats.

Road Warrior with shiny topcoat
And now for my favorite of the collection, Top Gun is a dark cobalt blue with subtle blue microshimmer. I LOVE THIS!! It reminds me of a fashion forward bold tuxedo color. And if you haven't seen Top Gun the movie, you fail ;) J/K but for real, it's a total 80's classic. Probably my favorite Tom Cruise film.

Top Gun with shiny topcoat
I like this collection a lot, more because it's been a while since we've seen a good grouping of mattes. I think they are equally beautiful with a shiny finish as they are matte. You can get BB Couture polishes at and Any favorites?

Products provided for review.
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